Integrated Global Studies School (IGSS)

The Integrated Global Studies School is designed to provide a small school setting for students who are passionate about learning and who wish to help direct the path of their own education. Our school-within-a-school is a challenging opportunity for students and staff to examine connections within and across disciplines and to develop creative and experiential courses of study. The IGSS is driven by individuals whose open mindedness inspires the spirit of inquiry, whose personal involvement is fueled by compassion, and whose convictions lead them to be responsibly active, both locally and globally, in the world outside the walls of New Trier.

below are photos of our activities throughout the year.


some of the IGSS houses went out on a service day. this group ventured out to the skokie lagoons to cut buckthorn. buckthorn is an invasive plant that crowds out native species and disrupts the ecosystems.

Barriers, Borders, and refugees

this a unit that focused on barriers, borders, and refugees. we read Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, had a U.N. Summit, and created doors as art that represented a country’s stance and policies on immigration. we also went to an exhibit by Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).